Due to changes in gender roles in families, more and more “modern” men are ready to do their part in contraception. Here we have collected all the important information for you:

Prostate biopsy

Austria’s first fusion biopsy center offers you state-of-the-art biopsy infrastructure for the prostate. Find out now about our offer:


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Our services

As an ordination center with the most modern standards, we can offer you a variety of services. Here is an overview of the offers:


Preventive examination (kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate, external genitalia) including laboratory tests esp. PSA test


Diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction, hormone profile diagnostics, life style counseling (no health insurance)

Fertility counseling

for men especially semen analysis (assessment of semen quality)

Incontinence clarification

(Urodynamic measuring station for clarification of urine loss and bladder emptying disorder)

Our Team

New: fusion biopsy

Vienna’s first prostate biopsy center

If there is an increased or significant increase in repeat PSA controls, this may be an indication for a biopsy (biopsy) of the prostate to detect prostate cancer as early as possible.

Find out now about the possibilities of fusion biopsy!

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You need a prostate biopsy?

As the leading Vienna prostate biopsy center, we have the latest equipment and can offer you state-of-the-art examinations.


Contraception for the “modern” man

Today vasectomy or vas deferens transection is used to permanently sterilize the man. She is often sought after completion of family planning by men who want to take over in their partnership, the contraception.

We have put together all the important information for you:

Are you interested in a vasectomy?

In addition to our comprehensive online offer, we also offer you the personal advice. Make an appointment now with us.


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