How is the vasectomy performed?

The scrotum should be hair-free 1-2 days before surgery (shaving, depilation).

On the day of the operation you should choose a tight underpants.

As the procedure is usually performed under local anesthetic (L.A., regional anesthetic at the surgical site), they need not be sober. Sufficient hydration is even beneficial.

Immediately before the vasectomy, they should completely empty the bladder.

You should provide for a home drive (partner, friends), as well by the local anesthesia, the responsiveness and thus the steering of motor vehicles could be affected (motorcycling or cycling is also prohibited!).

In the supine position, the genital region is then surgically cleaned with a special preheated disinfectant suitable for sensitive skin and mucous membrane regions. Thereafter, the sterile cover is done with a surgical drape. After the surgeon has identified the first vas deferens and fixed them under the skin with the fingers, you will now receive the local anesthetic. You feel a light bite and a little burning. Now they wait until they do not feel anything in the operating area.

With a special clamp, the scrotal skin is opened, the vas deferens are dissected, cut between two clamps or cut out a bit (Vasoresektion), then tied the two ends and relocated back into the scrotum. Finally, the skin is closed again with a self-dissolving suture.

In the same way, the vasectomy is performed on the other side. Overall, the largely painless vas deferens separation takes about 20-30 minutes, not counting the speed, but the successful outcome and the comfort of the patient by avoiding hectic in the foreground.

After a period of relaxation, the nurse helps them to dress and provides them with useful tips or a glass of water.

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