(Separation of the vas deferens in men with fulfilled desire for children)
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Digital fusion biopsy

perineal and transrectal.
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Fertility counseling

for men especially semen analysis (assessment of semen quality)

Outpatient tissue samples

Skin: genital area


transrectal ultrasound targeted systematic standard biopsy

Outpatient surgery in the office


(Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostate, external genitalia) including laboratory tests especially PSA test


Diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction, hormone profile diagnostics, life style counseling (no health insurance)

Infusion therapy

Instillation therapies

(Filling the bladder with medication)

Diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory diseases

of the genitourinary tract in men, women and children

Diagnosis and treatment of functional disorders of the genitourinary tract

with husband, wife and children

Diagnosis and treatment of malignant diseases

(Kidney, bladder, prostate, testicular cancer) of the genitourinary tract in men, women and children

Bedwetting clarification

Incontinence clarification

(Urodynamic measuring station for the clarification of urine leakage and bladder emptying disorder)

Incontinence therapy

medicinal, biofeedback, current therapy, pelvic floor training, behavioral training

High-power color duplex ultrasound machine

the latest generation with abdominal (kidney, bladder, prostate), small parts (testes, penis) and biplanar transrectal probe (prostate, seminal vesicles, prostate biopsy)

Endoscopy of bladder and urethra

Flexible endoscopy

especially for painless bladder mirroring in men