What is the vasectomy?

The vasectomy or vas deferens or Vasoresektion today serves the permanent sterilization of the man. After completing family planning, after completing family planning, she is often in demand for men who want to take over contraception in order to be able to relieve their partner of this responsibility. An intolerance or contraindication for the hormonal contraception (contraceptive pill, pill) or the intolerance or necessity to remove the spiral (intrauterine device) often plays a major role in the partner.

Ligation of the fallopian tubes in women (tubal ligation) is possible only under anesthesia and by means of an intrusion into the abdominal cavity and thus generally more complicated and dangerous than the vas deferensal detachment in men, which is usually performed under local anesthesia (L.A., regional anesthesia at the surgical site). In addition, a higher rate of peritoneal pregnancies is to be expected after the intervention in the woman ev. In any case, the success of the operation of the vasectomy can always and at any time be checked painlessly and simply by examining the ejaculate (seminal fluid), which is not possible after a woman’s tubal ligation.

Due to changes in gender roles in families, more and more “modern” men are ready to do their part in contraception.

The falsely used term vasoligature should not be used anymore, because the complete removal of both vas deferens is always necessary to achieve safe infertility. In many cases, even a 1cm long piece of the vas deferens is even cut out (Vasoresektion). Only then is a ligation of the spermatic stumps by means of ligature (bonding with a surgical thread).

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